Produjimos el segundo largometraje del director Eduardo Meneghelli. Twenty years after his father's tragic death, Rudy returns to his homeland with only one hope: to avenge the blood. He knows that his father was killed by the former Mayor and current landowner Parra, who sent him to kill to usurp his family's land. Parra pulls the strings of the people's power. While he prepares his campaign for Mayor, he finances and conceals the illegal gambling and, mainly, the Russian Roulette, around which he has put together a bizarre and gigantic show. His two fearsome henchmen - his own son Juano and his bodyguard Tuki - are the best players in town. But Rudy's plans are shaken when he meets Maru: Parra's beautiful daughter. Although they both know that their families are at loggerheads, the intense attraction and desire unites them secretly. Until Maru gets pregnant, and the couple's fear of Parra's reprisals increases dramatically. Both Maru and Rudy know that the last thing this brutal man would want would be a grandson with the surname of his victim-enemy. Rudy and Maru decide to face the family fate, without suspecting that the same destiny that brought them together will lead them to a hard and extreme challenge in which they will risk their lives.